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Kevala Tea Giveaway!

In 2016 I traveled to India for an Ayurveda internship and to immerse myself in the culture and beauty of the land. During my two week stay, each day, ritualistically tea time was observed. We gathered in an outdoor dining area at an Ayurvedic hospital that is nestled along the Periyar river.
Tea time in India was truly one of my favorite times of the day. It was a time for us to take rest, to connect, to share and to restore, and even as perfect strangers we shared a commonality. The love of tea, the desire to connect and the belief that nature can heal us physically, mentally and emotionally. and so we gathered day after day opening our hearts and our minds to the experience, and to each other. For me, that is what drinking tea is an experience, It is a ritual and an opportunity to take in nature’s medicine. Whether you are seeking better sleep or a healthier digestion drinking tea is an act of self care and a natural way to support your health, mind, body, spirit and senses.
Exploring India awakened my spirituality, communing with the land and visiting the tea plantations inspired me to take my love for crafting and blending herbal teas (hobby) and build a tea company that is inspired by Ayurveda and essence of nature. Offering tea blends with a purpose inspired by Ayurvedic rituals along with personalized tea created with your body’s wellness in mind.
Crafted with intention, Kevala tea uses only organic, herbs and spices from ethically grown, high quality, fair trade herbs that supports a tea company that is both ethical, and sustainable. We use eco friendly and recycled materials for our packaging to help reduce our carbon footprint and do our part. “people and planet before profit” – Mountain Rose Herbs which is why I choose to source all our herbs from this like minded company.
Kevala Tea’s WELLNESS line offers healing blends that are inspired by Ayurvedic rituals and principles. Each tea full size tea bag reveals which Dosha or elements are most supported by that tea blend, assisting you in personalizing your choice.
We also offer an Ayurveda gift set and a Best Sellers gift set that comes with 6 different herbal tea blends. Also, included is a 2in mesh tea infuser + a palo santo stick everything you need to experience your very own tea ceremony!
The following are few of our new and revamped blends! Morning Vibes, inspired by the morning ritual of warm with lemon and ginger to support healthy BM and reeve up your digestive fire. Sacred Heart, honors all matters of the heart, supporting the sympathetic nervous system and enhances your mood. Mother’s Ritual provides support to our expecting and lactating mothers, while supporting uterus and deep sleep.

Bhakti Cleanse, supports the body’s ability to detox and purify while enhancing the digestive fire and promoting weight loss. With 16 herbal blends you’re sure to find something to support well-being, mind body spirit and senses.

To celebrate our launch we are offering FREE samples of Kevala Teas. For a limited time you can receive up to three different tea samples for you to enjoy FREE!

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In the spirit of inspiration and gratitude for this launch, I would like to thank those who have supported my journey, those who inspired me and cheered me on, especially when times were tough. My partner Tiffaney, my daughter Regina, my cousin Shawn, my dear friend April and YOU! I am eternally grateful!

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