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Intro to Ayurveda

Many on you have heard me talk about Ayurveda and the educational goals so I though I’d give you a little glimpse into this amazing life science called Ayurveda!

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian health system taken from the spiritual texts of the Vedas or “books of wisdom” these texts date back at least 5000 years and are often regarding as humanity’s oldest literature.

Ayurveda derives from the Sanskrit term Ayur with translates as “life” and Veda, which translates as “knowledge” or “science”, thus Ayurveda is known as the science of life. Ayurveda is a “conscious living” health system, which is characterized by balance and disorder, health and disease. Health is defined as an experience of balance between the spirit, mind, and senses. To be healthy, harmony must exist between the three. Therefore, health or disease results from the interconnectedness or a lack of interconnectedness between the self, personality, and everything that occurs in the mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

Ayurveda is unique in that is recognizes that each person is made up of a there very own body type and unique psychological personality. In addition, Ayurveda considers all levels of a person, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, behavioral, physical, familial, social, environmental and universal. Allowing opportunity to understand the root cause of the imbalance and for health of the whole person, rather then just eliminating the symptoms.

The primary goals of Ayurveda are to maintain health in the healthy, to prevent disease, and to bring health to the diseased and sick, in order to promote better quality of life and longevity. This is done with the understanding that everything in the physical world is composed of the 5 fundamental elements (mahabhutas) air, space, fire, water and earth, and that all aspects of the universe are made of up varying ratio of these 5 elements and are the foundation of Ayurvedic health. Thus, achieving health with Ayurveda is done by living in sync with YOUR true essence or nature. That’s it!!!

These 5 great elements comprise three complimentary energies or doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Doshas are energies within the human body and mind, which govern all physical, and mental processes and give each of us a blueprint for health. In other words, when you begin to understand your unique constitutional make-up or Prakruti, you’ll have the keys to live a harmonious, and healthy life.

Vata comprised of air & space reflecting the qualities of dry, rough, cold, light, subtle & mobile is principle all movement in the body. Vata is considered the “king of the doshas” because it gives motion to Pitta and Kapha. Pitta comprised of Fire & water reflecting the qualities of hot, oily, sharp, light, liquid, & acidic is the principle of transformation and provides digestion and metabolism of all things. Kapha comprised of earth & water reflecting the qualities heavy, cold, unctuous, moist, dull & static is the principle of stability and provides the body with physical form and structure and the smooth function of all its parts.

We are all our own unique proprietary blend of vata, pitta & kapha but generally have a dominant dosha that governs things such as our personality and appetites. Our doshas shape who we are but they can also create disharmony when they are not managed properly. For instance Pitta who is naturally drawn to hard work and high achievement can easily get caught up and exclude her compassionate side of Kapha and more creative/reflective side of vata is likely to have a mental or physical breakdown. Or Kapha who is naturally heavy and slow can easily become overweight if they do not maintain a active lifestyle. These example speak to one of the most important guidelines in Ayurveda “like increases like and opposites balance” for example the fiery Pitta may crave spicy foods, which then fuel hot emotions. A vata may crave light and dry salads but which could cause bloating and constipation. Sound complex? Lets learn more about our three doshas to give you a better understanding on how these three energies work. sign up for my wellness newsletter https://www.kevalawellness.com or set up your Ayurvedic consultation!

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