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Shirodhara | Third Eye Therapy

A sacred journey, immersing yourself in a deeply healing experience. Allow your intuition to awaken, witnessing restoration of mental clarity & inner peace. As warm healing herbal oil flows onto your third eye, feel the spiritual embrace, inviting relaxation and alleviating not only physical but also emotional burdens. Let the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda guide you towards spiritual rejuvenation & holistic well-being.

60 min $150 |  30 min Add on $85

Abhyanga | Oil Massage

Indulge in the time-honored art of healing massage. Kevala’s Signature Abhyanga will transform your mind, body and senses. This ancient healing massage, as it is performed using warm herbal-infused oils and techniques for your dosha type. Warm oils stimulate the energy channels of the body, restoring prana (life force energy) where it has become blocked. This soothing Ayurveda oil massage detoxifies the body, mind and senses.

70 min $140 | W/Steam 90 min $180

Pada Abhyanga | Foot Massage

Pada Abhyanga therapy, a customary India practice serves as a daily ritual for restoring vitality to weary feet. By stimulating energy flow through marma points (essential energy centers), this therapy enhances joint mobility, promotes restful sleep, increases blood and lymph circulation, and helps stress, anxiety, and depression. Experience soothing touch of ancient technique and walk through life with renewed energy and balance.

30 min | $75

Muhka Abhyanga | Head massage

Embark on a journey of spiritual healing through Mukha Abhyanga, a practice that weaves harmony between your physical and subtle bodies. The gentle touch of warm herbal oil on your face, neck, and scalp induces a soothing sensation, coaxing your mind to tranquility and alleviating the burdens of stress. This experience will leave you with a refreshing sense of lightness and mental clarity, as if a weight has been lifted, allowing you to truly connect with your inner self.

 30 min | $75

Nabhi Basti | Digestion therapy

Experience the profound healing of Abdominal therapy, as it delicately balances the Nabhi Marma - the vital center where 72,000 Nadis or energy pathways converge. This therapeutic practice not only releases deep-seated emotions but also enhances digestion and absorption, offering relief from various digestive symptoms. Allow the nurturing power of Nabhi Basti to soothe your being and restore harmony to your entire system.

45 min | $90

Sweda| Herbal Steam

Derived from Sanskrit, "Sweda" translates to "sweat." This immersive steam therapy employs a personalized herbal mixture to induce facilitating detoxification. sweating purifies the blood, cleansing tissues, and easing muscular tension, Sweda therapy holds an integral role in Ayurveda cleansing, as it aids in expelling ama (toxins) and even demonstrates efficacy against cellulitis. Immerse yourself in this ancient healing practice to rejuvenate your mind and purify your body.

 30 min | $65

Sanja has a loving energy and a spiritual nature as well as, a well intentioned heart. She creates a most nurturing and grounding healing experience and is a true healer. She uses high quality ayurvedic oils which are warmed to soothe your mind and your senses. I trust her with my massages because she takes very good care of herself to offer a calming energy exchange that will leave you feeling radiant and replenished! Carmen S. - Long Beach, CA
Sanja is the best! Been following her since the Ajasrika days- there is really no massage better out there. Her signature massage is the real deal- good luck trying to find another place that has better massages. Always very polite and communicates well. She does appointments by email or phone calls and has locations in Orange and Long Beach. Jco C. - Santa Ana, CA
Beautiful place! Received an amazing massage by Sanja. I will definitely be going back. I had so much pain in my neck/shoulders/head and arm and I feel so much better now. Sanja takes her time to figure out what you need and you can truly feel she knows what she is doing. Angela V. - CA, CA
Sanja seriously has the healing touch, a true gift. I went in for an Ayurvedic massage and left with some tears. Somehow Sanja knew where my body needed gentle release. I have had many, many therapeutic massages but never have I left feeling so emotionally open. As if some emotions were stored in my body and the massage gently called them to the surface. Imagine that! I don't know how she does it but Sanja offers the gift of physical and emotional healing together. She told me she could feel where in my body was ready to release. It was perfectly paced, firm but gentle and so so powerfully relaxing and rejuvenating. Thank you Sanja for sharing your gifts with us!!! Nancy W. - Long Beach, CA
Last spring I completed Sanjas Cultivating Wellness cleanse using Ayurvedic traditions and nutrition. I decided to deepen my cleanse experience by doing Pancha Karma with Sanja. It included 3 days of 4 hours each time that included Bodywork, treatments and a healing Kitchardi lunch. Some of the treatments included Netra Basti, Pada Abhyanga with Tulsi Rose foot bath, herbal steam, udvarthana, Nasya, Abhyanga, and more! What a healing experience! My cleanse felt deeper and that whole body, mind and spirit were being cared for while releasing and restoring. I felt more supported then ever during my cleanse! I felt nurtured during this time of deep self care. Sanjas knowledge of these traditions is beautiful and you feel honored to experience these ancient wisdoms. Thank you Sanja! Lara A. - Long Beach, CA
I highly recommend Sanja for Ayurvedic services. She is kind, compassionate and very wise. And she is amazing at holding space! I received an abhyanga treatment from her and I left feeling completely relaxed, renewed and happy! Also, the Ayurvedic products she uses are of the highest quality! Marlene M. Long Beach, CA

Ayurveda Packages

Ayurveda Therapies

60 min | $125

Powder massage employs herbal powder to tone the body, aiding in the breakdown of fatty tissue for weight loss and muscle toning. Udvarthana, the technique used, enhances blood circulation, bringing revitalizing prana (life force energy) to the skin's surface. This process opens circulatory channels, boosts metabolic activity, and aids in the elimination of toxins (ama) from the body.

Netra Vasti
30 min | $75

Experience the revitalizing "oil bath for the eyes" with Netra Vasti. This Ayurvedic therapy purifies and rejuvenates, clearing toxins and easing eye strain. Ideal for red or dry eyes and poor vision, lukewarm organic herbal ghee is gently poured around the eyes, soothing the nervous system. Feel the tension melt away, leaving you refreshed and renewed after this calming treatment.

30 min | $75

Dedicated to upholding health through the purification of blocked energy, Nasya therapy serves to cleanse, open, and clear nasal passages. Effective in addressing sinus congestion, headaches, insomnia, chronic allergies, and entrenched emotional congestion, Nasya therapy includes an herbal oil ritual designed to lubricate and soothe blocked nasal passages.

Kati Vasti
30 min | $75

Kati Vasti is an Ayurvedic therapy to treat lower back pain. Warm medicated oil is applied over the lower back. The therapeutic oil and the warmth are deeply nourishing to the base of the spine, the nervous system, and the pelvic area, helping to relieve pain and stiffness as well as releasing stress at the root chakra.

Light Body, Clear Mind, Renewed Spirit

Our Restorative Panchakarma Day Retreats help preserve and restore your optimal health through authentic therapies from the ancient sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. Whether you are looking for deep rest and rejuvenation or an energizing retreat, our packages offer effective, evidence-based practices for self-care. Each package will help restore physical, mental, and emotional balance and will be individually crafted and customized to meet the individual needs.


Our Ground retreat package is meticulously crafted to provide holistic nourishment and restore equilibrium to the entire self, fostering a balanced nervous system. It's particularly suited for individuals with a Vata (air) dominant constitution or those inclined towards perpetual bodily and mental activity. This comprehensive package aims to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, fear, restlessness, and lack of grounding. Immerse yourself in Ground's rejuvenating embrace, as it revitalizes harmony, creativity, joy, and enthusiasm, infusing your body, mind, and spirit with renewed energy.


The Balance retreat package is crafted to harmonize excessive internal heat, making it ideal for Pitta (fire) dominant individuals or those seeking to calm both physical and subtle energies. This package may alleviate symptoms of irritability, anger, and bodily heat imbalances like rashes, ulcers, or acne. Additionally, it aids in refreshing and balancing the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Through the Balance package, achieve inner equanimity, reinstating joy, confidence, and passion while centering your mind, body, and spirit.


The Energizing retreat package revitalizes both body and mind through careful curation.Tailored for Kapha (earth) dominant individuals or those aiming to overcome weight concerns, edema, and stagnation, this package ignites a revitalizing transformation. It's designed to invigorate lethargic bodies and minds, enhancing motivation, digestion, and circulation while reducing allergies and respiratory imbalances. Energizing enlivens your senses, awakens your nervous system, and fosters a refreshed sense of lightness and alertness in body, mind, and spirit.

Each 4-hour experience includes a mini consultation, assessment, personalized retreat plan,

and a healing Kitchari meal to restore health and vitality.

1 Day $590 | 3 Days $1800

Morning Sessions 9am-1pm | Afternoon Sessions 2pm-6pm

Please note: Panchakarma cannot be done during a woman’s moon cycle. *A 50% deposit is required to reserve and hold your dates for PK day retreat. 

Consider expanding your Ayurveda Experience with a complete Ayurvedic Consultation.

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