Cupping + Massage

Cupping + Massage

About: Socorro

Meet Socorro Garcia-Soria: A Proficient Massage Therapist Elevating Wellness Standards

Within the realm of Kevala Wellness & Ayurveda, Socorro stands as an adept massage therapist, diligently pursuing excellence through her vocation. Her initiation into this profession was catalyzed by a profound desire to ameliorate her mother’s enduring struggle with chronic pain, setting in motion a journey characterized by technical proficiency and compassionate care.

Academic Foundation and Practical Experience
Socorro’s journey commenced at Downey Adult School, where she undertook an intensive curriculum in massage therapy. The culmination of her rigorous studies in 2019 marked not only the attainment of her credentials but also the commencement of a hands-on apprenticeship experience, in which she meticulously honed her skills through real-world application.

Advanced Certifications:

Undeterred by her initial achievements, Socorro displayed an unwavering commitment to fortifying her therapeutic repertoire. Embracing a proactive approach to career enhancement, she secured certifications in Cupping Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage Massage. These specialized proficiencies have not only elevated her therapeutic efficacy but also granted her the competence to administer comprehensive and nuanced care within the parameters of her expertise.

Licensed and Legitimized Socorro’s pursuit of excellence extends beyond skill acquisition, as evidenced by her endorsement from the California Massage Therapy Council. A bona fide license underscores her adherence to regulatory protocols and serves as a testament to her commitment to upholding professional integrity.

Kevala Wellness & Ayurveda: A Synergistic Platform Within the precincts of Kevala Wellness & Ayurveda, Socorro found an ideal backdrop for her pursuits. This harmonious alignment fostered a sense of resonance, augmenting her affinity for the center’s ethos and creating a milieu in which her technical acumen and empathetic disposition flourish synergistically.

In the realm of massage therapy, Socorro Garcia-Soria is more than a practitioner; she epitomizes technical finesse, compassionate engagement, and a perpetual quest for excellence. Each treatment she administers is underpinned by a comprehensive understanding of the human anatomy, a mastery of therapeutic techniques, and an unswerving dedication to facilitating holistic well-being.


Lymphatic + Cupping

Harnessing the synergy of two potent therapeutic methodologies, the amalgamation of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and cupping techniques synergistically triggers heightened lymphatic system activity, optimizing the elimination of edema. This dynamic approach not only amplifies the lymphatic system’s efficiency but also augments the body’s immune response to expel toxins, chemicals, and inflammation, thereby fostering a comprehensive detoxification process.
90 min. | $170
Cupping and Massage together help reduce pain

Cupping + Massage 

Pain emerges as a consequence of the congestion, stagnation, and hindrance of Qi, the life force, as well as crucial fluids, lymph, phlegm, and blood. When pain embodies the core of ailments, suffering ensues due to the disruption or irregularity of bodily circulation. Cupping presents itself as a technique aimed at dislodging such obstructions to reinstate the body’s innate energy flow. Through its application of suction and negative pressure, cupping serves to loosen muscular tension, invigorate blood circulation, and induce a calming effect on the nervous system. This method finds utility in alleviating conditions like back and neck discomfort, muscle stiffness, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and even cellulite-related concerns.


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