Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda through the purifying ritual of Panchakarma. This cleansing and rejuvenation journey offers a unique, customized experience, purifying your mind, body, and senses. Designed to preserve and restore your optimal health, Panchakarma draws from the ancient sister sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga, embracing authentic therapies and practices. Experience the transformative power of these treatments, harmonizing your physical, mental, and emotional balance. Each Panchakarma is lovingly crafted and tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring a personalized and profound healing experience.

I highly recommend Sanja for Ayurvedic services. She is kind, compassionate and very wise. And she is amazing at holding space! I received an abhyanga treatment from her and I left feeling completely relaxed, renewed and happy! Also, the Ayurvedic products she uses are of the highest quality! Marlene M. Long Beach, CA
Last spring I completed Sanjas Cultivating Wellness cleanse using Ayurvedic traditions and nutrition. I decided to deepen my cleanse experience by doing Pancha Karma with Sanja. It included 3 days of 4 hours each time that included Bodywork, treatments and a healing Kitchardi lunch. Some of the treatments included Netra Basti, Pada Abhyanga with Tulsi Rose foot bath, herbal steam, udvarthana, Nasya, Abhyanga, and more! What a healing experience! My cleanse felt deeper and that whole body, mind and spirit were being cared for while releasing and restoring. I felt more supported then ever during my cleanse! I felt nurtured during this time of deep self care. Sanjas knowledge of these traditions is beautiful and you feel honored to experience these ancient wisdoms. Thank you Sanja! Lara A. - Long Beach, CA
Sanja seriously has the healing touch, a true gift. I went in for an Ayurvedic massage and left with some tears. Somehow Sanja knew where my body needed gentle release. I have had many, many therapeutic massages but never have I left feeling so emotionally open. As if some emotions were stored in my body and the massage gently called them to the surface. Imagine that! I don't know how she does it but Sanja offers the gift of physical and emotional healing together. She told me she could feel where in my body was ready to release. It was perfectly paced, firm but gentle and so so powerfully relaxing and rejuvenating. Thank you Sanja for sharing your gifts with us!!! Nancy W. - Long Beach, CA
Beautiful place! Received an amazing massage by Sanja. I will definitely be going back. I had so much pain in my neck/shoulders/head and arm and I feel so much better now. Sanja takes her time to figure out what you need and you can truly feel she knows what she is doing. Angela V. - CA, CA
Sanja is the best! Been following her since the Ajasrika days- there is really no massage better out there. Her signature massage is the real deal- good luck trying to find another place that has better massages. Always very polite and communicates well. She does appointments by email or phone calls and has locations in Orange and Long Beach. Jco C. - Santa Ana, CA
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