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WellnessYour Antidote for 2020!

Your Antidote for 2020!

21 Day Ayurveda Tea Journey

We could all use an antidote after this past year, right!? If your 2020 was anything like mine, your self care routine was spotty, your sleep and eating habits did not always align with Ayurveda or healthy principles and overindulgences were definitely a source of comfort!

Don’t get me wrong, I had some major breakthroughs in which self care, my team of healers and Ayurvedic principles were at the forefront of this development, but consistency will be the key to my intention for 2021 and that intention is to #godeeper. Healing ancestral wounds, childhood trauma, letting go of limiting beliefs and releasing self sabotaging habits while embracing Vedic wisdom, my divinity, my connection to my higher power and guides.

The inception of this year-long journey will begin January 9th, starting with my 21 day herbal tea challenge, to awaken, purify and restore mind, body, spirit and senses!

Embark with me on a 21 day herbal tea detox challenge! This journey will encourage us to embrace the ritual of tea, Vedic wisdom and daily routine, bringing us balance, clarity and health.

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Kevala Tea’s 21 Day Tea Journey has many health benefits including detoxifying, mood balance, digestive support, anti-anxiety, immune support, help as well as balancing blood sugar and lowering cortisol levels while aiding sleep and relaxation- which also aids in anti-aging.

The Mission behind Our 21 Day Ayurveda Tea Challenge is to awaken your body’s self healing capacity, by aligning your body’s natural rhythms and supporting your digestive fire. Purify mind, body and senses and connect you to the wisdom of the vedas, to nature and to yourself, through restorative rituals and organic herbal tisanes illuminating your true essence!

Ready to take yourself on a journey of tea & transformation? There are two ways you can join me on this journey!

21 Day Ayurveda Tea Journey: (Choose one) $33

Ayurveda Kit: Includes herbal tisanes blends of-

Bhakti Cleanse

Rama Tulsi

Vata Blend

21 day PDF workbook and journal

Access to our 21 Day Ayurveda Tea Challenge private facebook group for daily support.

High Vibes Kit: Includes herbal tisanes blends of-

Morning Vibes

Rama Tulsi


21 day PDF workbook and journal

Access to our 21 Day Ayurveda Tea Challenge private facebook group for daily support

Go Deeper: 1 year Ayurveda Journey and Transformation




Rasa program: https://www.kevalawellness.com/ayurveda-consulations

Monthly 30 minute check in’s.

4 | personalized Herbal Tisane blends (created seasonally)

Access to Purification, and The Dosha Plate- private facebook group

21 Day Ayurveda Tea Challenge

Two 21 Day Ayurveda Guided Cleanse, Spring + Fall

Email support from start to finish


– Valued at $2,190 –

Receive 25% off when paid in full $1,660

Quarterly payments of $533

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