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Nurturing Self-Love: Ayurvedic Wisdom and the Kevala Body Care Journey

Ayurveda imparts the profound wisdom that we are intricately woven together yet  divinely unique.

This connection transcends mere spirit, extending to the universe and its elements. We resonate with the vibrancy of the sun, embody the spirit of the air, and emanate the patience of the earth.

Kevala Body Care serves as an embodiment of Ayurvedic principles, a purposeful and ritualistic product line woven with organic, natural offerings. It is intended to awaken self-awareness, inspire self-care, and elevate one’s existence to the realm of high vibrational living.

Within the realm of life and business, this mother-daughter partnership radiates passion, creativity, and the wisdom of the Vedas, which they infuse into the essence of the Kevala Body brand.

Sanja Oropeza,  the visionary behind the Kevala Wellness Center in Long Beach, CA, intertwines Vedic wisdom into every product and her daily practice. It is her mission to share Ayurveda as she knows it, emphasizing the revelation of our divine essence.

Through Ayurveda  I came to realize that the aspects I once deemed unfavorable about myself were, in fact, the very facets that constituted my perfection. They intricately painted the portrait of who I was destined to be—a resolute, empathetic warrior goddess. It was then that I embraced myself fully and wholeheartedly.

Regina Valencia, daughter, wife, mother, and pastry chef, is the brand’s extension of a new generation, and brings her excellence in recipe crafting to the Kevala  products. It is her mission to create products to formulate products she can confidently share with her family, and to the world! 

“I’ve consistently championed self-care, including purchasing a multitude of skincare products without realizing their potential harm. Crafting body care infused with familiar, beneficial ingredients resonates deeply. Making body care products with ingredients I know and understand is  important to me because I want to be sure my family and I are using  natural, safe, and effective ingredients that benefit us on a deeper level in more ways than one.  Self care is a form of self love and this product is a love letter for anyone who struggles with loving themselves and feeling worthy.  With the support of my mom and her vedic wisdom we were able to come together and create something meaningful that speaks to both of us.  

You are loved, let us show you!”


Ayurvedic Essence: Nurturing Self-Love Through Vedic Wisdom and Self-Care

Self-care forms an embodiment of self-love; this product line is a testament to those wrestling with self-worth. Empowered by my mother’s Vedic wisdom, our collaboration yielded meaning that resonates with us both. You are cherished—allow us to unveil this truth.”

Ayurveda represents a soulful practice of self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-care, ultimately converging in self-love. The Ayurvedic path encourages embracing all facets of our being, fostering a harmony of understanding, acceptance, and adoration.

The energies of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha preside over our appearance, inclinations, vocations, and more.

Our vivacious Vata friends radiate creativity, spontaneity, energy, and an affinity for change. The passionate Pittas exemplify determination, intellect, leadership, ambition, and profound insight. The compassionate Kaphas embody groundness, affection, reliability, grace, and profound listening.

Through this Vedic wisdom, we perceive ourselves and others through a different lens: a more compassionate and enlightened lens—a transformative perspective, which affirms self-awareness as a spiritual journey and validates self-care as a route to self-love.

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