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Guidance of Release

In honor of the full moon’s energy and guidance of release, I write this letter to you.

This year I’ve been vacillating between what I know is to come; and what I will be leaving behind and I’d like to believe that I am more aware of the universe’s messages these days and she has been speaking loud and clear! Many of you know I’ve recently sustained an unsolicited shoulder injury (well maybe not so unsolicited)  haha I am a business owner, entrepreneur and an intuitive bodyworker, Ayurvedic Practitioner and a grandmother after all!


After 24 beautiful years as a bodyworker and healer I’m being called to enter a more creative and supportive role in my career.  With recent opportunities that have come into my life I am embracing this shift as well as my body’s abilities and requirements.


That being said I will be stepping down from doing deeper massage services and reducing my available bodywork days to Wednesday and Friday. So that i can honor my body, my spirit and these amazing new opportunities to focusing on Ayurveda, Kevala and Seva events, collaborations, Seva Tea, full moon ghee and an Ayurvedic inspired  Body Care line, Kevala Body- for the Enlightened Being. A project my daughter and I have been working on together!

But this doesn’t mean you’ll see less of me, in fact I am finally embracing “being seen” and taking Kevala and Seva to the next levels with a more out front approach. I have been doing interviews, live videos on social media, and pop ups featuring Kevala and Seva products and services.

When we release, we hold space for the new…

I Would like to introduce you to Nancy Rubio a student of a local holistic school of healing arts Panacea.

Nancy is a beautiful spirit and we are blessed she is part of our family!  Nancy is an intuitive and empathetic healer who deeply connects to spirit and her clients during each of her sessions. I can tell you how much I love Nancy’s work but here are some recent words from one of her clients…’Nancy was full present and intentional in her healing” She has already begun to build a repeat clientele which says alot about the love her clients have for her and she has been taking care of several of my clients and is here for you too!

Words from Nancy… 

In Curanderismo, ancient indigenous Mexica (Aztec) healing, sobadoras (massage therapists) use massage as a tool to not only relax muscles, but to touch the soul and to bring up and begin to heal emotional and physical pain. Because physiological and neurological effects of stress and trauma can be stored in our bodies, my purpose in massage therapy is to hold sacred space to witness and release what may be stored within. My hope is that each client feels safe to tune into their breath and body to shed layers of what no longer serves you and to leave feeling lighter, brighter and more connected with your Sacred Source. Words can’t express the awe that I feel for the opportunity to serve at Kevala. To show my gratitude and appreciation I am offering a complimentary add on of hot stones for our first session together. Thank you, for allowing me to serve my purpose! 

It is worth mentioning that I will STILL be seeing clients, even bodywork clients a couple of days a week. Services include ALL Ayurvedic bodywork, consultations and detox’s, Lymphatic Drainage and some lighter massages. We look forward to taking care of you! 


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