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Coming back to your true essence

Initial consultation with Sanja offers a safe and supportive space for us to delve into the subtleties that influence your health. Together we will explore your health goals and gain a comprehensive understanding of your current lifestyle, tendencies, and food intake, discerning the factors influencing your imbalances.

With this knowledge as our compass, Sanja will provide you with invaluable tools to harmonize with your natural rhythms and offer guidance to develop new habits and rituals that align with your unique constitution, propelling you towards your health and wellness goals.

After three weeks of embracing your newfound Ayurvedic practices and self care rituals, you will experience a profound transformation: feeling lighter, enjoying improved digestion, improved sleep, increased joy and you will gain a newfound confidence in understanding and meeting the needs of your own body, mind, spirit, and senses.

Our follow-up consultation will allow us to revisit your health goals, taking note of the changes and improvements in your overall state of health and well-being and make any needed adjustment to stay in alignment with your intentions.

RASA Program Includes:

● 2 Sessions
● Dosha test
● Full health intake and Ayurvedic analysis
● Customized wellness plan
● 21 day guide and journal
● Guidance, tools and recommendations to cultivate health and balance

*The initial consultation is 90 minutes, the follow up session is 30 minutes.
2 hrs | $225
Follow Up Visits
Single 60-min session | $120
Package of 3 | 60-min $333

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    Kevala Wellness and Ayurveda founded by Sanja Oropeza in 2016, with the vision of creating sacred space for guests and practitioners to feel at home, a space for you to reconnect to self and others, a space to where you can feel safe so that you may embody who you were meant to be.

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