Ayurveda Products

Featuring a wide selection of herbal oils, herbs and Ayurveda products to begin or enhance your Ayurveda journey.


Cultivate a spiritual at home practice with our amazing selection of incense, cleansing products, candles and meditation shawls.

Seva Tea

Specializing in organic, Ayurveda inspired, medicinal teas & Chai, connecting you to nature, to each other and to your true essence

Full Moon Ghee

Crafted in ceremony amid the full moon, Kevala Full Moon Ghee honors the ancient tradition of the vedas. Now offering two new ghee products!


Ritual Shop

Ayurvedic oils
from $20

Authentic Ayurveda herbal oils for each dosha

Ayurveda herbs
from $4

Ayurvedic herbs for cleansing, wellness and vitality

from $18

Crafted with intention from local, grass fed happy cows.

Seva Tea’s & Chai
from $7

Organic, Ayurveda inspired, medicinal teas & Chai

Tea Accessories
from $7

Unique brewing accessories to enhance your tea ritual

Reiki Charged Candles
from $28

Thoughtfully created and charge with healing intentions

Ayurveda Spice Blends
from $6

Dosha inspired, and cleansing spices for your Ayurveda Kitchen

Meditation & Spiritual
from $3

Incense, cleansing products, candles and meditation shawls.

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Kevala Wellness and Ayurveda founded by Sanja Oropeza in 2016, with the vision of creating sacred space for guests and practitioners to feel at home, a space for you to reconnect to self and others, a space to where you can feel safe so that you may embody who you were meant to be.

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