Restorative Day Retreats

Light Body, Clear Mind, Renewed Spirit

Our Restorative Panchakarma Day Retreats help preserve and restore your optimal health through authentic therapies from the ancient sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. Whether you are looking for deep rest and rejuvenation or an energizing retreat, our packages offer effective, evidence-based practices for self-care. Each package will help restore physical, mental, and emotional balance and will be individually crafted and customized to meet the individual needs.

Each 4-hour experience includes a consultation, assessment, personalized wellness plan, diet and lifestyle recommendations to restore and maintain health and vitality. Along with Ayurvedic bodywork and Yoga, enjoy an herbal steam, meditation and breathing practices tailored to your unique needs and desired results.

$465 per 4 hour package

A.M Sessions 9am-1pm ~ P.M Sessions 2pm-6pm

 Each Panchakarma packaged will be individually crafted and may include one or any combination of the following packages.


Our Ground retreat package is designed to nourish the whole self and help balance the nervous system. It is optimal for Vata (air) dominant individuals or those who tend towards movement, action, and constant activity in the body and mind. This package may help reduce sysmptoms of anxiety, fear, restlessness and ungroundedness . It may aide in improved digestion and sleep, reduce pain and impove mood swings. Ground will help restore harmony, creativity, joy and enthusiasm giving you renewed energy body, mind and spirit.


Our Balance retreat package is designed to calm and harmonize the excess heat within. It is optimal for Pitta (fire) dominant individuals or those looking to calm the physical and subtle energies of the body. This package may help reduce symptoms of irritability, anger and excess heat in in the body which often show up as rashes, ulcers or acne, as well as aid in refreshing and balancing the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Balance is designed to create equanimity within, thereby, restoring joy, confidence, passion and centering the mind, body and spirit.


Our Energizing retreat package is designed to purify and energize the body and mind. It is suitable for Kapha (earth) dominant individuals or those looking reduce weight, reduce edema or eliminate slow-moving , and stagnent energy. This package may help to stimulate lethargic bodies and minds, increase motivation, healthy digestion, reduce allergies, respiratory imbalances and stimulate circulation and energy. Energize will help invigorate the senses and awaken the nervous system giving you a sense of lightness and alertness in body, mind and spirit.


Complete Your Experience With A Nourishing Meal

A nourishing Ayurvedic mindful eating experience will be prepared choosing foods, herbs and spices tailored for your body type and health goals. This meal will deeply nourish you, increasing ojas (vitality) and support the cleansing process

Add Mindful Eating Expereince + $30 per person

Prepared Mindfully and Lovingly by Ayurvedic Practitioner Sanja Oropeza

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