Saturday & Sunday 11:00am to 3:30pm

Tea Lounge

Experience a unique journey at Kevala Tea Lounge, and exclusive herbal elixir bar and apothecary nestled in the heart of Long Beach. Discover a sanctuary dedicated to elevating the mind, body and spirit through an array of mindfully crafted healing lattes and handcrafted teas, each crafted with a blend of organic, soul-soothing ingredients for the conscious soul! Our sacred space is not only a haven for those seeking a conscious experience but also a place to foster self-care and holistic wellness. Every elixir and tea is designed to cater to the diverse needs of us all, aiming to elevate our well-being and offer a moment of tranquil self-care.

Special Events

Our Tea Lounge is open during special events we’re we encourage conscious connection and bring the community together to enjoy an ambience of solace and ease.  Additionally, our space is available for private rentals, offering the opportunity to host intimate gatherings, special occasions or workshops in a setting that offers warmth and serenity.


Welcome to Kevala Wellness and Ayurveda

Kevala Wellness and Ayurveda founded by Sanja Oropeza in 2016, with the vision of creating sacred space for guests and practitioners to feel at home, a space for you to reconnect to self and others, a space to where you can feel safe so that you may embody who you were meant to be.

Wellness Center

By Appointment Only